Our Business Philosophy
Doggies day out in Tennessee is a business with one major goal, and that is to support you in being the best pet parent you can be. And, we are here to serve not only the needs of our pet clients, but our pet parents too.
Our trained professionals are here to help you with all your pet parenting needs, both when you are home with your pet family member, and when you’re away.

It is our job to ensure that every dog entering our facility and participating in services that we provide is not only happy, but also in a healthy, safe, secure and structured environment. We provide the social interaction and stimulus that a dog needs, and that dog owners are unable to provide themselves due to work, or other commitments.

Denise King - Founder


What sets us apart from any other dog loving community, any boarding service, or when making any pet related decisions, your dogs! From the texture of our beds to the coziness of our facilities, your dog’s happiness is our first priority.

Meet us in person, tour our play spaces, and we'll be happy to answer questions you may have!

* Due to the continuing pandemic & the recent and rapid increased spread of COVID-19, when meeting with clients we WILL be wearing a mask. We will meet you outside and we’re happy to provide you with a tour of our grounds and covered, screened-in, play area.

When: EveryDay

Time: Schedule a time - Call us!